Features and functionalities available in Admire POS System

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Product Category & Sub-Category
Manage list of product category (food category). As well as upload category pictures, set the listing priority and button colors.

Manage list of products (food menu). As well as upload product photo and set the button colors.

Table system
Organize and manage the tables (unlimited). Even when you expend your restaurant to add more tables, you can easily add and manage them. Also allows you to differentiate your tables using color buttons.

Token numbering system
To improve the ordering process, you can use Token numbering as well which works together with Table system. Very efficient if you have limited number of table and your customers can share the same table but the billing never get mixed up because you allocate different Token number for them. Happy customers.

Modern Ordering Interface
Your waiter can add the order selectively for each pax/customer. This allows you to easily split bill later or use such information to generate comprehensive reports. Besides we are not using the old-school software interface method. Instead our ordering system are fully based on Bootstrap and HTML5 technology making it modern, user-friendly and stay ahead of our competitors.  Happy waiters.

Change Table & Join Table
Your customers can easily change table or join other table. You will not have the hassle to re-create orders. You will not get confuse on billing as our system is complex enough to let you move the entire table orders or only move selected food items.  Happy waiters.

Split Billing
You have the option to split billing. Sometimes the customer will come and have their meal together but then when it comes to paying bill at cashier counter, they will ask you to split their bills. Our system allows you to split their bill by selecting the specific pax/customer or even split based on individual food items. Happy customers.

Discounts & Service Charge
Easily provide discount based on percentage or exact amount off the total bill. At same time you can apply Service Charges too.  Happy customers.

Take away orders
Manage your take-away (carry-out) orders easily as the system allows you to have unlimited number of take-away orders. Since each order has Order ID, it is easier to ensure customer receive the correct food parcel without mixing it up with other orders.  Happy customers.

Cashier Interface
We know the customer queue to make make payment at cashier during peak-hours would be long. We made the bill payment/cashier interface to be quick and user-friendly by having multiple useful options for the cashier to get the work done fast. When the work is done quickly, the queue is shorter.  Happy customers.

Check-out / Customer interface
You can have any tablet or dual-screen monitor facing customer at cashier counter. Advertisement or Promotion videos can be played-back in this screen while its idle. When customer comes to cashier to make payment, this screen will display their bill which they can double-check and confirm before making the payment.  Happy customers.

Order Printing at Kitchen
Orders are send to kitchen printers automatically once an order is placed. This allows the chef to prepare the required food and the waiter can serve the customers easily without confusing or mixing up the orders. Since we have printed order sheet, any waiter can help to serve the food to the correct table without need to wait for the original waiter to pickup the food and serve the table. On top of this, we can print the Kitchen Slip in any language and this is very useful for the Chef as they can understand better when kitchen slip printed in their native language.  Happy chef. Read more.

Chef interface
We know that printing order at kitchen is good. But it is not good enough because if your printer run out of paper, the chef would be busy cooking and he would not have time to change the paper. This will create unwanted stress at your kitchen. In our POS system, all your chefs can login and view their order list. After preparing the food, they can mark it as complete which will allow the chef to easily keep track on what to cook next and he can focus on this work.  Happy chef.

Receipt Printing at Cashier
Sometimes your customer may walk away after paying the bill, forgotten to request for receipt. Later they might return and request for Receipt. In our POS System you can easily track back the payment history and print the bill for this customer.  Happy customers.

Table Reservation
You can reserve table for your customers. The table will be highlighted in red during the reservation period. This makes it easy to reserve the table during important hours and do not accidentally use the table for other customer. Very useful during Ramadan (Puasa) month.  Happy customers.

Customers / Membership
Membership Database allows you to record your customer data. Which you can download this customer database and use it for any promotions or special invitations. Such as promoting your special Buffet Bulan Ramadan to get attention of these customers.  Happy customers.

Member Discounts
Once you have established Customer Database, you can proceed to the next level by giving special discounts for selected group of customers. Such as special 5% discount for College Students or regular customers who have registered with you as your member. This will encourage more sales and increase customer experience tremendously.  Happy customers.

Payment Voucher
For back-office and also for petty cash release (from cash drawer). Each time a payment is released by the restaurant, it can be recorded into Vouchers and making it easy to generate reports and keep track of pending cash monthly commitments.  Easy administration.

Payroll System
Easily generate workers payroll and link it with Payment Voucher. You can keep track of the allowances or advance cash loan that you have provided to your staff. At same time keep track of overtime payment or unpaid leave salary deduction.  Easy administration.

Stock / Inventory Management
Store your Inventory and Stock details and you can track how the stocks are moving in and out of your business. This will ensure you are aware of your current/live stocks and always re-stock it right on time. It is important to keep the required stocks/inventory at right level all the time.   Easy administration.

Tamil & Chinese Language
Some POS System allows Malay and Chinese language while we even allow Tamil language as well for the Ordering System. We created this product for Malaysian market and well aware of the local market sentiment and requirement for Tamil language. It is easy for waiter to use the ordering system when it is in their native-language.  Happy waiters.

Main screen for Administrator that consist of important data analysis/reminders. Helps the administrator monitor the sales and performance of their business.  Easy administration.

Workers module
Manage worker list and their details including emergency contact details and work permit information. You can attach documents related to these workers and make it easier for retrieval when required.  Easy administration.

Staff performance
Every orders are tracked back to the waiter/server which allows you to generate comprehensive report which you can use it to distribute commission to these waiters in order to encourage and motivate their work-spirit.  Happy waiters.

Recipe Costing
Ever wanted to know what is the exact cost for the food that you produce? Well, this is where Recipe Costing comes into play. You can specifically calculate how much the food costed you by entering the recipe/ingredients. When your ingredient cost changes, you can easily re-generate this costing with a click of a button. This allows you to know your Food Menu price is correct and profiting you.  Easy administration.

Generate and download comprehensive reports: Daily/Monthly Profit & Loss, Input/Output GST, Staff Performance, Sales Listing.  Easy administration.

Works on any device
No restriction to the Restaurant owners to buy required devices/hardware at expensive prices. You can buy high-end or low-end devices based on your budget. We don’t force you. Our POS system works on what ever device you willing to buy because it is light-weighted application build with speed-processing capability.  Easy administration. Read more.

Unlimited user-license
You do not need to pay license for each of your waiter, chef and cashier devices. Instead, you pay only once and you can have unlimited Waiters or Cashier. Read more.


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