Having your restaurant on move?

Do not worry, you can now move together with your Admire POS System.

Our custom-made solution for food truck operators makes it easy as they can keep track of their sales more pro-actively. You can monitor and generate sales reports without need to go through to sort and calculate all the paper bill/payments amounts.

Most food trucks do not have on-board POS System to take customer orders. This may end up in chaotic situation if the queue is long. Because the chances for forgetting/misplacing orders or customer cut-queue might happen and the operators cannot handle this situation without proper POS System.

For example, if Customer A ordered Burger X first and waiting in queue to collect the burger while Customer B and C also has placed the same order (Burger X), once Chef prepared the food, it must be handed to Customer A. But somehow the cashier or chef did not remember the Customer A, so they will ask the crowd/queue on who ordered Burger X, the Customer C might come front first and collect the food leaving Customer A and B unhappy as this is similar to cut-queue, we all know how much we have people cutting-queue as well as how far we hate the restaurant/food for letting such thing happen in the first place.

Knowing such problem being faced by Food Truck operators, Admire POS System was custom-made to provide solution for these cases. By having Admire POS System, the food truck operator can easily know which customer should be served first without missing their orders because each and every order are tracked based on Order ID or Token Numbering.

But not just these food truck operator facing this problem, even McDonalds restaurants has the same crisis and they are now implementing Order ID system in their operation. You may have noticed that in many McDonalds restaurants, we have separate counter to place order and another counter to collect the prepared order. You are called to collect the food based on Order ID. So no confusion or cut-queue happens.

If McDonalds can have such system, then why not you? We know, it is the costing right? Well, lets eliminate the 5-figure costing factor entirely and keep it simple, would you be interested to have such similar system for small cost of RM100 per month for each truck? If spending this small amount can get you Admire POS System to make your customers happy, then you should definitely go for it.