Running a restaurant business is not easy if you do not have good POS System to assist you correctly throughout the process of order-taking until customer checkout. Admire POS System will be on your right side to take care of these hassle and make your business process smooth.

Admire POS System was custom build to be the right tool to assist Food & Beverages industry players. Admire POS was build to support any device – PC / Touch Screen Monitors / Tablet / Phablet / Mobile Phone with all the modern tools to enrich the user experience. Admire POS was carefully build to only serve the sole purpose of assisting the Waiters, Chefs, Cashier, Manager, and Restaurant Owners.

What we intend to do is – to help your customers to love your restaurant by assisting you to serve your customers right!

Advantages of Admire POS

We keep it simple, we build it simple
There is no bulky modules that makes your system slow or to confuse your waiter/chef/cashier. We keep the interface clean and simple.

Works on any device
No restriction to the Restaurant owners in buying required devices at expensive prices. You can buy high-end or low-end device based on your budget. We don’t force you. Our POS system works on what ever device you willing to buy.

Unlimited user-license
You do not need to pay license for each of your waiter, chef and cashier devices. Instead, you pay only once and you can have unlimited Waiters or Cashier.

Customizable to fit your need
Since our system was custom-build from ground-up by admiring the big-players in the market, the system is expendable to fit custom requirements. We do not limit you on how you should do business, instead we make our system to assist you to run it your way.
Note: Customization is subject to additional fees. You may refer to the Customization Idea page for more information.


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