Alarm / Melody Box for Kitchen Printer

For Kitchen Thermal Printer
Wireless Technology (up to 30 meter)
Useful for Chef / Cook to take rest
Effective for Restaurant to keep Kitchen Cooking Productive

Product Price RM 150.00

Product Description

Kitchen Thermal Printer Alarm or Melody Box for Admire F&B POS System

This Melody Box or Alarm Box works for Admire F&B POS System. Once its connected to the Kitchen Thermal Printer (or also known as Order Slip Printer), it will Alarm will sound when new order comes in.

This Alarm Box can be turned off as it runs on electric power. When your kitchen staff or chef is going to take rest away from the kitchen, then they can switch on the power of this Alarm Box. So when new order comes in, this Alarm Box will produce the loud Alarm music and the Chef can be aware of this new order and return back to Kitchen to cook the new order. Thus this device will be very helpful for the kitchen team.

See this Alarm Box demo video at Youtube: