Strobe Light or LED Blinker for Kitchen Printer

Available in 2 shapes:
Round and Rectangle

Product Price RM 80.00

Product Description

Strobe Light or LED Blinker for Kitchen Printer

This Strobe Light or LED Blinker works for Admire F&B POS System. Once its connected to the Kitchen Thermal Printer (or also known as Order Slip Printer), it will Blink (or light up) when new order comes in. The Blink frequency and pattern can be set in the Admire F&B POS System software for each of your kitchen printer.

No external power source is required! Worked directly using the Printer power.

When new order comes in, this Strobe-Light will blink following your preferred blinking-pattern and the Chef can be aware of this new order and return back to Kitchen to cook the new order. Thus this device will be very helpful for the kitchen team. And for the restaurant owners, you can keep your kitchen very productive as the kitchen team will not be taking rest at wrong time and helps them to take rest efficiently without stopping your kitchen production. This is win-win situation for both restaurant owner and the chef/cook.