Table Numbers Normal Stickers

Buying Acrylic Numbering for tables can be costly. The cheaper alternative way is to use table stickers. We sell these stickers (not super-glue) which serve the purpose of identifying the tables. The cost is RM 0.50 (50 cents) each number sticker.

Product Price RM 0.50

Product Description




Numbering Sticker for Food/Dining Table or other purpose.

Shape: Round / Circle
Color: Chilli Red / Navy Blue / Moon Yellow
Size: 4cm
Glue: Standard Glue (not Super-Glue)
Water Resistance: Yes
Price of each Sticker: RM 0.50 (50 cents)
Price of each Set: RM12 (set of 24)
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set (Number: 1 to 24 or 25 to 48)

For other sticker types such as Super Glue, kindly contact us. Thank you.


Pelekat Nombor Meja makan atau untuk kegunaan lagi.

Bentuk: Bulat
Warna: Merah / Biru / Kuning
Saiz: 4cm
Jenis Pelekat: Pelekat Biasa (Bukan Pelekat Super-Glue)
Kalis Air: Ya
Harga setiap Satu Pelekat: RM 0.50 (50 sen)
Harga setiap Satu Set: RM12 (1 set ada 24 pelakat)
Order minimum: 1 Set (Nombor: 1 hingga 24 atau 25 hingga 48)

Untuk sticker jenis lain seperti Super Glue, sila hubungi kami. Terima kasih.