There is no device licensing fees in Admire POS System. You simply buy it once and use it for unlimited devices regardless it is static touch-screen ordering station or mobile ordering tablets/phones.

We notice that in most restaurants, the restaurant operator are interested to allow their Waiters to take order directly on the Phone or Tablet which does speed up the whole order taking process. But then, the cost is a draw-back to them whereas current F&B POS Systems in the market charges Licensing Fees for each of the ordering device (Phone/Tablet).

Knowing that is a bad-idea and not fair to the restaurant operators, we made Admire POS to support unlimited license and you do not need to pay anything extra. Either you have 2 ordering station or 10 waiters to serve your customers, you will not be spending (or wasting we would say) any extra money on licensing fees. You are free to use as much as ordering station and waiter tablet/phone as you want.

To convince you further, below are our finding on licensing fees charged by other POS System providers (we are sharing this so that you will know how much you wasting on licensing fees alone – which you not suppose to):

Provider: B*****n

  • Each device license: RM 1,850
  • Total waste on license: RM 1,850 x 8 waiters = RM 14,800.00

Provider: I*C/S***o

  • Each device license: RM 1,300
  • Total waste on license: RM 1,300 x 8 waiters = RM 10,400.00

Provider: N*T

  • Each device license: RM 1,150
  • Total waste on license: RM 1,150 x 8 waiters = RM 8,800.00

Provider: Admire POS System

  • Each device license: RM 0
  • Total waste on license: RM 0 x 8 waiters = RM 0.00
  • Admire POS is the only provider to allow unlimited Waiters, Chefs, and Cashiers without charging any licensing fees!

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