Our POS System simply works on any device.

No restriction to the Restaurant owners to buy required devices/hardware at expensive prices. You can buy high-end or low-end devices based on your budget. We don’t force you. Our POS system works on what ever device you willing to buy because it is light-weighted application build with speed-processing capability.

Besides the implementation of modern technology and advanced programming allows it to detect the device and modify the output display to ensure it fits the device screen size. This ensures you seeing and using the system comfortably regardless of what device and screen size it it.

This kind of advance programming gives us an advantage whereas you can choose and decide on what device you want to buy based on your budget or spending power. You do not need to worry on how much the entire solution going to cost you because you can always buy these devices within your budget and most importantly our Admire POS System simply works on it.

Here is a simply list of devices our POS System works (but you are not limited to follow):

  • Windows 7 Desktop
  • Windows 10 Desktop
  • Windows PC
  • Linux Desktop
  • Standard Monitor
  • Touch-screen monitor
  • Windows Touch Screen Tablet PC
  • Android Tablet
  • Android Mobile Phones
  • Google Chromebook PC
  • Google Pixels (mobile phone)
  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple iPad
  • The list is endless as our POS System works on any devices!

If you imagining a basic setup of 1 cashier counter using CPU with normal monitor and 2 ordering station using tablet. Then think of basic Acer CPU that will cost you around RM1,800 with monitor and 2 unit of Lenovo Tab 7inch (RM400 each). So you can get started with just RM2,600 investment on your hardwares. Isn’t that cool?

But wait, how if you got 5 waiters and want each of them to take order direct on their own tablets? Same costing, RM1800 for CPU + 5 unit of Lenovo Tab 7inch is RM2000. With total hardwares investment of RM3,800, you have got all your waiters to place their orders quickly without need to keep running to the staticly-shared ordering station. That’s brilliant! And congratulations to that thinking!


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